Debt rescheduling without credit bureau.

Offering debt rescheduling without turning on Credit Bureau raises hopes of a financial restart. If the Credit Bureau is actually to be completely excluded, you should not have too high expectations.

We are happy to explain which credit bank can legally grant loans to Germans without Credit Bureau. The offer is really free of Credit Bureau.

We still want you to make reasonable debts. To do this, we explain the foreign credit in detail and name the alternatives. Debt restructuring despite Credit Bureau can be serious and flexible at the same time.

Debt rescheduling without Credit Bureau – who offers German Credit Bureau-free credit?

Debt rescheduling without Credit Bureau - who offers German Credit Bureau-free credit?

Without the first place of residence and work abroad, it is not easy to keep Credit Bureau completely out of loans. Most foreign banks are not interested in granting credit to German citizens. Debt rescheduling of credit without involving Credit Bureau is only permitted to credit institutions that do not have a representative or branch in Germany. Nevertheless, they must be approved for lending in Germany.

As far as can be seen, currently (2016) only one credit bank can legally grant an installment loan to Credit Bureau Germans. It is Agree Bank from Liechtenstein. Otherwise, a small overdraft facility would be conceivable without Credit Bureau via the Lite Bank in Lithuania. Rescheduling an existing loan to an overdraft facility of perhaps 1,000 USD would be senseless.

The last legal alternative, apart from the pawnshop loan, would be private lending. Serious portals offer the loan from private to private, but not without Credit Bureau.Rebending debt without involving Credit Bureau would theoretically be possible via an ominous private investor. But common sense speaks against the fact that such a “benefactor” exists outside of the circle of friends.

Credit Ads – Advertise until the bars bend

Credit Ads - Advertise until the bars bend

The real offer for the loan without Credit Bureau is a small loan over 3,500 USD or 5,000 USD net loan amount. With the right half-rates, this turns into a loan without Credit Bureau with a credit volume of up to USD 50,000. Of course, this is nonsense on closer inspection. The 50,000 USD relate to a conceivable regular loan with Credit Bureau or at most despite Credit Bureau.

Unfortunately, it is not even said that behind the credit advertising for the slogan: debt rescheduling without the Credit Bureau, there is actually a loan offer. Completely different business interests would also be conceivable. The hopelessness of actually receiving relevant loan amounts without Credit Bureau makes people accessible for additional business. The sale of insurance, capital investments, credit cards or retirement plans are popular.

The customer does not hold a loan in the hands, but the agent has earned well from the additional offers. He will probably even get more commission than for successfully arranging a small loan. In the worst case, he will send the (later rejected) loan application on delivery. Formulating advertising that oak beams bend themselves serves its purpose.

Credit without Credit Bureau – offer and requirements

Credit without Credit Bureau - offer and requirements

The bank’s offer is very serious. The opportunity is offered to carry out a credit check of the individual case without Credit Bureau. The creditworthiness for lending is checked using supporting documents and the debtor register of the responsible local court is checked. The basic requirement for the granting of the employee loan is income subject to social security contributions.

The employment contract must have existed for at least 12 months. A attachable income component of around USD 100 (USD 3,500 credit) must be proven. In addition, of course, there can be no seizure or assignment of income. The amount of the required net income (without child benefit) depends on the number of dependents.

If you want to reschedule credit without involving Credit Bureau, it is only possible if the old debt is in a reasonable ratio to income. To avoid double valuation due to the new loan, we recommend informally referring to the debt rescheduling. Approved credit is freely disbursed. The debt rescheduling cannot be seen from the loan application alone.

Without Credit Bureau or despite Credit Bureau – differences

Without Credit Bureau or despite Credit Bureau - differences

Financing without Credit Bureau or despite Credit Bureau is often thrown into one pot. This can be an expensive mistake. Debt rescheduling without Credit Bureau completely excludes Credit Bureau – both for checking creditworthiness and for entering the approved loan. Most want without Credit Bureau only because they have a negative Credit Bureau entry that prevents regular credit.

Most borrowers with poor credit ratings would not care whether an approved loan is reported to Credit Bureau or not. Credit companies based in Germany would also be prepared not to base their lending solely on the Credit Bureau information. The credit requirements for debt restructuring despite Credit Bureau are comparable to debt restructuring without Credit Bureau.

The main difference is that credit institutions from Germany or with a German representative are obliged to report approved loans to Credit Bureau. But you do not only offer a small loan for debt restructuring, but also tailor-made flexible solutions. The only question is, who mediates such loans seriously?

Debt restructuring despite Credit Bureau – reputable provider

Debt restructuring despite Credit Bureau - reputable provider

Problems caused by dubious brokerage offers can be avoided if only credit brokers known as reputable are addressed. Good Finance and Best Lender enjoy the best reputation for loan brokerage in difficult cases. Both portals offer offers for debt restructuring despite Credit Bureau with a completed entry.

We recommend Good Finance as the trustworthy agent we trust. Debt rescheduling without Credit Bureau would be avoidable through a debt rescheduling loan despite Credit Bureau from private or a bank. You can find both offers on Good Finance.

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